Suzy Rigg, Author of all poems in "The Yummy Bone" has writing genes or should that be a writing genie? My grandfather quoted Shakespeare into his nineties, my mother, who read Chaucer and Blake like other women read the newspaper, was passionate about English and Caribbean literature. Born to Jamaican parents, an only child, I lived amidst the vivid colours of my imagination.

As a marketer, I write professionally but it is my early childhood, turbulent adult relationships, life a single mother of two and a deep spiritual core that inspires me. A firm believer in the healing power of words, my work is as much inspiration as application.

Loves include Van Gogh, Bashir, Gibran, Rumi, William Blake and Paris cafes.

Poetry credits:

"A Hamlet on the Hill" ~ "Homeland" 2013
" Olympia"~ " What the Dickens " Magazine 2012

Many more updates to follow with links etc,.

Be at peace.

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