Thursday, 27 December 2012

New Year's Light

Softening twilight
of year’s end
eyes trained firmly ahead
no thought of what, could or might
as flashing rays
of new year’s light
melt the snow
of a year grown old
into pools
of brand new hope

Copyright 2012 Suzy Rigg

Monday, 24 December 2012

Midnight Mass

At midnight mass,
I’ll shed a tear
for this and every passing year
a light gone out
is shining still, 
an act of faith
an act of will
I’ll pray for love
I’ll pray for peace,
a bright new earth 
a sweet release
The Christ of old 
is here they say
I try to speak to him ev’ry day
he’s real you know
not just a joke
he even was 
a regular bloke
with more compassion
than you or I 
enough to blaze
the heavenly sky
I’ll think of him
this real man
and mirror him 
as best I can
from this day of
a brand new year
I’ll only shed 
a happy tear.

Copyright Suzy Rigg 2012

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Tayles of Christmas Gone

Kaleidoscope dreams, beaded jewels of 
excitement filled Angelica's tightly-curled head
barely able to sleep as fantasy functional
families rampaged, became real as she slept

Commercials of sin with deceit woven in 
danced devilish and bright on the screen
jangling lies bedecked glittering skies 
that avoided number 45

Extravagant presents piled high full of guilt
whispered tales of a long absent father 
the empty seat at the head of the table
for guests who were eating alone

Conjuring pagan magic the thrill of 
pure Christmas, the room was transformed 
overnight! Cinnamon candles, orange
pomanders left hanging on threads of delight 

A hole in that house
where love had to leave, walk on ~ she had
shown him the door: but once a year darling
we put on our 'festive' 

And stand tall in traditions held dear.

Copyright 2012 Suzy Rigg 

This poem was prompted by those lovely people at

Dedicated to all sorts of gatherings this Christmas, this particular festival can often highlight the dysfunction in our immediate families or even the loss or absence of family members, through divorce illness or death. I admire the hope and grace of the human spirit, especially those who forge on alone or in difficult circumstances, to mark this pagan festival as the beginning and ending that it represents.