Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Lutes on the Hillside

Carry me away
just for one day
where ladies with lutes
and unicorns play
where castle towers’ steep
make clouds o'er them creep
sun’s burnt rays blush, 
wild melodious blaze 
melt to soft creamy heat
carry me away 
to hear harps at play
soft music, sweet 'suckle
oh just for one day?

Copyright Suzy Rigg 2012

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Walking Poet

Maddeningly they flow when I walk
as if the action of walking, makes brain talk
when I’m not near a pen, paper, computer
words glide along, hanging gracefully together
maddeningly they flow when I walk

The action of walking makes brain talk
so clear are the rhymes so memorably strong
Surely they'll stick, edited
stored by the server of thoughts?
maddeningly they flow when I walk

Inspired my holograms of life's strange mysteries
Gestures, a moving scene caught
the stanza by now has gained its own meter
the action of walking sparking a thought
maddeningly they flow when I walk

I will write this as soon as I’m home!
develop this, work on the theme
spending time out building empires
damn they're gone, as soon as the door shuts
maddeningly they flow when I walk

Taking a moment in a small noisy cafe
strong coffee, a paper and bright conversation
just one small spoonful of hot, sweet black liquid
triggers in me that familiar sensation,
volcanic thoughts spewing words
right here, I can catch them.

Copyright Suzy Rigg 2012

The article below explores the relationship between mental health and poetry. From my experience and all I will concede, is that labels can enslave you or liberate you. Whatever your state of mind, if the will decides it needs to write, you have no choice. There is an honesty and honour too, in acknowledging that your words outlive you, they also have the power to heal, excite and touch others divinely.

Thursday, 25 October 2012


She watched them falling through the bus window,
in slow motion like dandelions from a giant upended field
crimson leaves curled and fell, swaying side to side
forming a variegated rouge brown carpet.

The mother and child on the park bench, people on the bus
delicate pensioners, everyone stilled in rapt appreciation
of her rainbow shower, aware this magnificent show 
was for a limited time only.

Wordlessly, relentlessly, with a glamourous last russet hurrah
she tidied away for a more barren and sinister act to follow
her generosity and voluptuousness 
casting lingering relaxed and happy shadows 

As she finally revealed herself naked
everyone’s thought was the same:
"she never fails to put on a show
yet each one thrills as if for the first time."

Copyright Suzy R 2012

Friday, 19 October 2012

A turning circle

Shiny men lined up
jostling for her attention
she knocked them all down

together they'd walked life's path 
humming a familiar tune 
laughing, loving,living  
gone too soon


Inching and ebbing
her beating heart lost power
leaving golden sparks.

Copyright Suzy Rigg 2012

Monday, 8 October 2012


We could be fossils, you and I
pressed flat after centuries 
of lying inert in the rock.

Curious that the tiny hermit crab
the roman centurion
the colossal dinosaur
would share the same fate:
To be peered at, fondled 
by some scholarly archaeologist.

Consider the sweet relief
of our fossilised friends:

hermit crab - free from food chain dramas
soldier -  shielded from the blistering rays of midday sun
dinosaur - not anxious about anything big
like being wiped off the planet.

Roll up, roll up for fossil school!
A snapshot of life, in death.

Copyright Suzy R 2012