Thursday, 30 August 2012

Tritina for Clara

Clara liked to slip on her pyjamas of the palest pink
after a long day in court. She craved the sleep
that called her, from the four-poster bed, beckoning soft.

Refreshed from her sleep
she breakfasted on grapefruit, not ruby red, but pink
and brushed her hair until it was soft.

Dusting powder onto rosy cheeks so pink
pouting in the mirror as Chanel lipstick caressed lips so soft
she winked at her reflection, glad she’d had a good night’s sleep.

She drove off, all sweet, sleepy pinkness, in her black Mercedes SL.

Copyright Suzy R 2012

More props to the dVerse team for setting such interesting poetic tasks. This poem is a tribute to the glorious poet Marie Ponsot.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Elephant Highway

Unbalanced carts spilled sun ripe fruit
on the dust strewn road
splitting colours, splashing seed
to meet the market dawn.

Spindly children tried to run
alongside heavy traps
some were strong and long of limb
and barely caught their breath.

Bicycles too, took their own road
and weaved their wheels about
the death they cheated,
although in jest, made
villagers shout out loud.

The noise grew low
for something strong
had taken up this path
a silver grey bull elephant
was on this very route!

Without a sound
the track was cleared
of children, wheels and fruit
whilst 'mister majestic' walked
~ in no par-tic-u-lar hurry ~

Without a backward glance.

Copyright Suzy R 2012

This poem was inspired by the artwork of Borg de Nobel, browse her wonderous artwork here: courtesy of the ever innovative dVerse Poets crew:

Be gentle with me

Lovingly massaging unscented oil into baby’s velvet skin
Kneading, ironing out soft wrinkles
She felt dream-like, 
as if she were caressing herself-
hypnotised with love
paralysed with fear
this angelic babe
sweating slightly,
heavy limbed was
totally dependent on her.
An hour had passed,
sweet baby scent perfumed the air
her tears mingled with oil
she had no idea who
gave who more


The corset hugged her baby-bump
She was almost hour-glass again
the uniform black pinstripe
white shirt, red gloss,
hair or nails ~ but not both
lent her insane confidence.
An hour had passed,
the meeting in 
the airless room
had over run.
Through polished glass
she spotted a group of mothers
casual, laughing, free;
her breasts tingled with milk
for her baby
at home.
Copyright Suzy R 2012

The debate rolls on about working mothers, or stay at home mothers: what's best for baby, what's best for mum or indeed the whole family. My view is it's rarely that cut and dried; the reasons to work or not are purely personal and are influenced by an alarming array of factors.

So, this poem is really saying there is pain, depression, guilt on both sides of the fence. Sometimes, what feels like the absolute best decision today, can feel like an anchor round your neck, the next. Women, be kind to each other ~ being a mother is at once the most challenging yet rewarding blessings known to 'man'!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012



In stadium est laudum ~ the goal is to praise
to be lifted up above competitors' heads
on the roar and swell of human approval as
the endurance of my personal pain is a torch half-lit
without the fire of admiration, to strike it into full flame
there is no merit in weightless feet pounding the earth at breathless speed
unless the eyes of a million cities are gazing on them in wonder.


There is no 'i' in team, is a laughable phrase as clearly,
the team would be nothing without me
I carry them, us, our country, the world, ME!
Oh sweet victory, let this be my, I mean our, moment
of crowning glory!


I'm watching, straining as far as my eyes can see
surely those dots on the screen can't be real?
what's real is the man next to me, well his stink
does he need to be inebriated to enjoy this spectacle?


It's pointless standing apart during this once in a lifetime opportunity
So I'll merge with the crowd I'm crushed with, like family
and cheer for my team, my country, my heroes ~
In stadium est laudum

Copyright Suzy R 2012

This poem was also published in the June issue of What the Dickens Magazine. And what a fabulous read it is too! Well done Editor.